When Is It Going To Get Warmer?

By Rob Last edited 167 months ago
When Is It Going To Get Warmer?

Enough of the snow and the rain and the winds already. What everyone wants to know is when we'll be able to get to work without hat hair and a numb face.

Londonist scoured some of the weather sites and found the following predictions.


The Met Office is looking five days ahead and is promising daytime temperatures of 6-7°C as early as Sunday and Monday next week.


UK Weather.com is a little braver, looking a whole ten days ahead and a little more conservative, predicting a high temp of 6°C for Monday 7...but that does jump to a practically 'roasting' 9°C on the Tuesday (but with added rain).


Finally, weather site Intellicast has the same old rubbish for tomorrow: "Light snow during the morning will become a mixture of rain and snow during the afternoon...A slushy accumulation less than one inch."

Slushy accumulation? Lovely.

But by Thursday/Friday next week we should be getting tempting glimpses of sun and a little less wind chill.

So what does this mean for us? Well, if you're going out over the weekend then you're going to want to wear shoes with half-decent grip (you don't want to find your best jeans covered in 'slushy accumulation' do you) and you'll still need to think about what coordinates with your scarf and mittens.

But, towards the end of next week public transport should stop smelling like damp dog and you might be able to put away that little fan heater that adds a couple of extra noughts to your electricity bill.

Last Updated 03 March 2005