WD40 More Lethal Than WMD

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WD40 More Lethal Than WMD

Foreign Secretary Jack Straw has announced that new controls will be put in place to "tighten up the procedures under which the Government uses secret intelligence". This comes of course after the intelligence suggesting that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction was proved to be flawed and "very thin", or as Londonist prefers to phrase it; full of shit.

The Joint Intelligence Committee has been "reviewed and tightened up" while MI6 have been given more money to try and get their act together. The BBC reports:

Since the end of the conflict, MI6 has withdrawn reports from three of its main sources on Iraq - including the source which claimed Iraq could deploy weapons of mass destruction within 45 minutes - as they are now considered unreliable.

It is however still unclear whether the threat posed by Mars is real or not. Rumours abound that Martians may have stockpiled WMDs with even greater destructive power than those of Iraq. We expect a series of hearings soon and a healthy debate in Parliament about the new red menace before Mr. Blair is told what to do by Mr. Bush.

The full report on Iraq's WMD will be made available in the fiction department of your local Waterstones very soon.

Last Updated 23 March 2005