V For Vendetta - The Film

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V For Vendetta - The Film

And talking of sci-fi adaptations...

...Reading Bookslut this morning we came across a link to a post on the Newsarama forums from a guy who, it seems, has read the script for the forthcoming V for Vendetta film.

After From Hell this is Alan Moore's great 'London' comic, only this time it's the London of a reimagined, facist-controlled 80s. Word is that the Wachowski brothers are going to dump the 80s period setting, but they have cast an English bloke in the lead role...so that's something (Nathalie Portman is to play alongside as Evie).

Of course, From Hell, was ruined by the Hughes brothers a few years ago, so we can only hope that the Wachowski's do a better job with V for Vendetta. After all, as the Newsarama reviewer points out:

"Alan Moore's works have a pretty poor history of translation to film. Much of this has to do with the fact that they use the comics medium so well, that transference to any medium loses something. But in V, so many of comics' tricks were rejected, and a more filmic approach taken, that one could just use the panels as a storyboard in many cases."

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