The Nazi Trend Continues

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The Nazi Trend Continues

First it was Ken Livingstone with a touch of the 'Nazi Tourettes'. Then we had the related story a few days ago which claimed that the then Associated Newspapers owner Lord Rothermere had written "to Adolf Hitler congratulating Germany on its annexation of Czechoslovakia, and urging the F├╝hrer to march into Romania."

Now it's the turn of Mohamed Al Fayed to jump on the Nazi bandwagon, thanks to a new fly-on-the-wall documentary to be broadcast later this month.

To be honest this sounds like bloody awful TV. Firstly, it's presented by Keith Allen. And secondly, it's called You're Fayed. No, really, that's what they called it. Personally, we'd have gone for When Shop Owners Go Wrong.

So what's this got to do with Nazis? Well apparently Fayed has a bit of a go at some of the usual suspects during the documentary and, as well as calling Tony Blair "bloody stupid", he calls Prince Philip "a gangster ... a bloody Nazi German bastard ... who is the son of a bitch."

Londonist has heard rumours that certain far right groups are to lobby the Standards Board for England in order to get the quote retracted and therefore disassociate themselves from Prince Philip.

By the way - did you know Al Fayed had his own personal website...and it's a doozy! We particularly enjoyed the Thoughts of Chairman Mo section where Al expounds on the issues of the day.

Last Updated 02 March 2005