Spring On The Tube

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Spring On The Tube

The BBC reports that London Underground has placed vintage posters around the tube network to announce the arrival of Spring.

The posters were selected form the archive of the London Transport Museum and were originally produced to "encourage Londoners to use the Tube as one of the "quickest and most reliable ways to see more of their city".

Alright, so TfL might have a bit of a problem communicating that particular philosophy these days, but we have to admit these posters are great - beautifully designed and fantastically evocative, they're certainly a welcome change from the usual tube advertising faire of travel insurance ads and 'is that bag a bomb?' warnings.

We can't find any press releases etc about this so we're not sure where the posters are displayed exactly yet (LU in lack of information shocker)

Our mistake, there's a press release here, for the Faces and Places project which is designed to "reflect the life and times of Londoners through the ages, with street scenes, quirky portraits and London landscapes" which we assume the Spring posters are part of.

Still take some pictures is you see any though.

LU's Platform Art page.

Posters from the Underground from GoingUnderground.net.

Last Updated 21 March 2005