Piers Morgan Is In Newspapers

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Piers Morgan Is In Newspapers

The Mail began serialising Piers Morgan's 'secret diary' yesterday (couldn't they have called it something other than a 'secret diary' it makes Morgan sound like a nine-year-old schoolgirl), so we thought we'd take a look and see what the broadhseets are saying about the book, the man and his 'victims'.

Starting off with the Telegraph, Matt Born writes:

"Over six pages of the tabloid, Morgan detailed a series of intimate encounters with the Blairs and their former spin doctor (Campbell). While the first extract may have lacked any "killer facts" with which to inflict tangible political damage, it provided toe-curling moments aplenty."

However, it seems that it's Cherie who comes in for the full force of Morgan's wrath:

"Morgan portrays the Prime Minister's wife as a conniving Lady Macbeth: charming when she wants to be, but more often than not, duplicitous, judgmental, petty and preoccupied with money and her looks."

We especially like the bit where Cherie has a go at Posh Spice's bad skin:

"You did this whole thing about celebrities with terrible skin, and put me next to Victoria Beckham. Now that girl has got awful skin. I have always been known for having very good skin for my age. I mean, look at my skin - it's good, isn't it."

Over in the Guardian it's all a little pedantic with the paper pointing out that Piers couldn't have called "Cherie Blair and her then PR adviser Fiona Millar" the "axis of evil" in November 2001 because Bush didn't use the phrase until January 2002.

Egotistical person embellishes autobiographical details to make himself look better shocker!

Nitpicking aside the Guardian picks out one interesting statistic regarding the PM's involvement with the tabloids:

"While editor of the News of the World and then the Mirror, Morgan counts '22 lunches, six dinners, six interviews, 24 further one-to-one chats over tea and biscuits, and numerous phone calls.'"

Finally over in the Independent Morgan is accusing Cherie of being "insecure, moody and a flirt," likening her to Princess Diana of all people.

"The last time I saw her was at Peter Mandelson's leaving do, where she flirted with me. The chivalrous thing is to say that I wouldn't be her type." Morgan crows, making us retch slightly.

The Independent also picks out our favourite Morgan anecdote to date:

"A fortnight after his dismissal, he was walking through Soho when the door of a people carrier opened to reveal a grinning Mrs Blair, who insisted that he must come to a Downing Street dinner to which he had been invited in his capacity as the Daily Mirror's editor. He reminded her that he had been sacked, and she exclaimed: 'Yes, we're still celebrating!'"

You go girl!

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