One Night In Soho

By Rob Last edited 168 months ago
One Night In Soho

Forget the Michael Jackson trial, the big 'celebrity' case you should be following this week is Elizabeth Jagger's attempts to get an injunction on some dodgy CCTV footage.

A couple of weeks ago 21-year-old Liz was caught on camera, "engaging in sexual activities" outside Kabaret’s Prophecy nightclub in Soho at 4 in the morning with Calum Best - it's the D list celebrity match made in hell.

The resulting stills were then splashed all over the front of the Screws of the World with all the naughty bits arfully pixelated out. But that wasn't good enough for Liz so she's gone to the courts to try and "prevent further publication of the closed-circuit television images". For some reason she was "particularly anxious to prevent the pictures...from reaching the internet".

Can't think why. It did wonders for Paris Hilton's career.

Liz'a case of a "breach of copyright, rights to data protection, and right to respect for private life under the European Convention on Human Rights", was somehow upheld by the Judge who said:

"I can see no legitimate public interest in further dissemination of the images, which could serve only to humiliate the claimant for the prurient interest of others."

Well, duh.

And so the lesson here? If you fancy having a bit of a quicky on the streets of London in the early hours you have nothing to fear. The British justice system and the EU's human rights are on your side!

Last Updated 10 March 2005