Nazi Tourettes Sweeping London

By Rob Last edited 167 months ago
Nazi Tourettes Sweeping London

Forget bird flu, the latest communicable disease sweeping the country seems to be 'Nazi Tourettes'.

First it was Ken Livingstone, then Mohammed Al Fayed jumped on the Nazi bandwagon, and now it's the turn of Labour councillor Patrick Edwards.

Pat was attending a budget meeting last week when the Conservative councillor for Chiswick Riverside, Paul Lynch, claimed that some councillors had been excluded from voicing their opinions on the budget papers because they'd only been allowed to see them late on the previous night.

Assessing the situation, the first comparison that came to Paul's mind was the Third Reich:

"They used to hide things, conceal things, baffle people I leave the comparison to you."

Typical politician's insult then: not too direct and a little ambiguous. However Patrick Edwards wasn't feeling quite so generous, and decided against a witty, intelligent reply in favour of this rather blunt statement:

"You're a Nazi!"

The comment is to be "noted and investigated" but the meeting's chairman did put his foot down, declaring that "the matter of council tax was too important to discuss the relevance of who called who a Nazi".

As for the question of who'll be next to be struck down by the Nazi bug, our money's on Prince Philip.

Last Updated 18 March 2005