MPs Up To The Oche

By Rob Last edited 166 months ago
MPs Up To The Oche

There's a darts match going on in the House of Commons this afternoon.

We know this because we heard someone being interviewed about it on Radio 4 as we were leaving the house this morning. But now we can't seem to find anything about it online. The internet let us down goddammit.

We know that it's taking place in the MPs' lunch hour (it's comforting to know that politicans get lunch hours isn't it?) and that some 'stars' from the world of darts will be playing. And we also know that it's happening to promote darts as an 'official sport'. But that's it.

We need more details. So if you see or hear anything about this today can you email us and let us know please.

Last Updated 23 March 2005