Lav Cutbacks

By Rob Last edited 166 months ago
Lav Cutbacks

The news today that the Corporation of London is rapidly running out of cash seems to effect a number of facets of London life.

The swimming pools on Hampstead Heath for example. And then there's the five City bridges, which are also run by the Corporation, as are the Barbican and Epping Forest.

But there's one thing which seems to be getting everyone in a bit of a tizz: the removal of all six manned toilets in the Square Mile.

The Corporation reckons that the 325,000 people who work in the City could cope without the public lavatories, and one spokesman is quoted as saying: "You have to wonder if they are still needed. People are quite used to popping into a coffee bar when they need to go these days."

A coffee bar? How quaint. We think he means Starbucks and the like, but, as anyone who's ever worked in the catering industry will tell you, the last thing coffee shops, pubs and cafes need is official bodies negating their strict 'toilets are for patrons use only' rules.

Could this be the start of a toilet-based civil war (a WC CW?) in the capital? Will there be blood (and possibly other things) flowing in the streets as cross-legged city gents fight for their right to pee freely?

We can only hope so.

Last Updated 10 March 2005