Kylie In London

By Rob Last edited 169 months ago
Kylie In London

As it's Friday we're playing a little game here at Londonist towers, and that game is Guess the loactions in Kylie's new video.

Now we'd just like to stress that this is a serious exercise in the psychogepgraphy of London as it relates to popular culture in the contemporary age, and not just a poor excuse to watch an oversized Kylie strutting about the streets pouting a lot.

So now we've cleared that up - where do you think she is? You can watch the whole video here (Windows Media) or you can just take a look at some of the screen captures we've got here (purely for research purposes you understand).

First up there's this crossing which looks like it's in the City somewhere. It's a bit dark but that office building does ring a bell.


Then there's this one, where you can almost make out the street sign but not quite - very frustrating. Could it be Milton Street, near the Barbican?


And finally there's this tunnel she keeps walking through. We have some ideas about this one, but we can't make our minds up.


Any help?

Last Updated 04 March 2005