Ken and The GLA Get Graded

By Rob Last edited 168 months ago
Ken and The GLA Get Graded

The Audit Commission has published its report on the Greater London Authority and Mayor Ken and we can exclusively reveal that it is an explosive hotbed of lies, deceipt and corruption which goes to the very core of the city's government.

...ok, that's a lie.

The Initial performance assessment report actually says that the GLA:

is a good organisation that has worked effectively in the four years of its existence to establish an ambitious, credible and coherent long-term vision for London’s development underpinned by a comprehensive strategic planning framework.

It goes on to say that Ken "provides strong leadership and direction, is active and effective in speaking for London and his leadership on equality and diversity issues is widely recognised."

There is a footnote to this paragraph which reads "However mentioning 'the war' in Ken's presence is probbaly no such a hot idea."

You can also view a neat little table which scores the GLA on certain areas (ambition, focus, future plans... sense of humour) by clicking here.

Last Updated 30 March 2005