Jim Green - Marathon Man: Diary Entry No 2

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Jim Green - Marathon Man: Diary Entry No 2

Book designer Jim Green is currently training for the Flora London Marathon, and is raising money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation at the same time.

We're also going to make him wear a sticker with the Londonist logo on it, and as far as we're concerned that makes him Londonist's official Marathon Runner for 2005, which also means he has to write about it all.

Here's another excerpt from Jim's training diary, if you remember last time Jim had injured himself while eating a Go bar (or something like that):

Sunday morning started bright and breezy at 6.30 with my first big run since my hamstring injury. Today we did the 16 mile Adidas Breakfast Run in Kingston.

I have been off running for a fortnight now apart from a treadmill session last Friday, I have had my leg on ice every day and just resting it as much as I can. My patience paid off today in dividends: I ran my best time so far, completing the course in 2 hours 35, which may not seem that fast, but is for me. It also means if I continue at this pace I can finish the marathon in around 4hrs 30.

The event was well organised, so a big thanks to the people over at Human Race.co.uk who put on the event, I will certainly be back next year to give it another shot.

So, its now only four weeks until the big day itself, next weekend is my last big run and then its the taper off with less running, it’s been full on since December, but today shows that all the training is standing me in good stead for my final goal.

Last Updated 21 March 2005