"I'm On The Tube!"

By Rob Last edited 157 months ago
"I'm On The Tube!"

How long have we been hearing the 'mobile phones will work on tubes' story? Well it finally it looks like Ken is taking some definite steps to getting the Underground totally wired up.

According to the press we should see mobile phone transmitters on the Tube by 2008, with a trial to be held next year at just one station (no, we don't know which one).

The LibDems are worried that the coverage could be used as a "cheap and effective long range detonator" for terrorist activities. But we bet if you ask most people they'll tell you that loud, annoying people are much more of a concern.

Will tube trains have 'quiet carriages' like mainline routes do? Probably not, as the average journney isn't long enough. But, then again, on mainline trains the guy shouting into his mobile phone isn't stood right next to you with his elbow in your ear.

Our advice: stock up on these while you can.

Last Updated 23 March 2005

Northun Munki In Oxford Circus

Since being in London I must say the only good thing about the tubes is that they block out all the radio and microwaves that plague our environment. Not that I'm into wearing tinfoil hats or anything but least I get at least an hour a day without exposure.

Bleeding "Capitalist" Ken, stop robbing me you b***ard!