Hosepipe Ban On The Cards?

By Rob Last edited 169 months ago
Hosepipe Ban On The Cards?

Today's Times is warning that a hosepipe ban looks likely for the South East this summer, thanks to winter temperatures, which"have been 1.5C warmer than usual...combined with the driest winter recorded in the region for 130 years".

Yes, apparently this has been a dry winter.

All that means that reservoir levels are low and the Environment Agency are saying that unless there's 60 per cent more than average rainfall for March and April a hosepipe ban is "likely".

On a related note, Friends of the Earth have today released a book "for busy people who want to reduce their impact on the Earth's resources - and save cash into the bargain."

Save Cash & Save the Planet is full of tips, even which ISP will "salve your environmental conscience".

Last Updated 07 March 2005