Heists Now Officially Boring

By Rob Last edited 166 months ago
Heists Now Officially Boring

Did we ever mention how much we like heists here at Londonist? We like them so much we're even thinking of having a dedicated 'heist category' so people can access all the archived heist news more easily.

But, alas, it seems the glory days of the heist are well and truly over.

When we saw the headline London police foil huge bank raid over at the BBC this morning we got all excited.

bypassign the bank's security equipment, abseiling down the side of the building, tunneling through abandoned Tube stations maybe?

And then we found out this was a 'cyber crime', where "computer experts...tried to transfer the money electronically after hacking into the bank's systems."


Who wants to read that hackers infiltrated "Sumitomo Mitsui bank's computer system" using a "keylogging system". Let's see Matt Damon try and make a film out of that! Stupid computers.

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Last Updated 17 March 2005