Dash's Chelsea Money Pit

By Rob Last edited 166 months ago
Dash's Chelsea Money Pit

Thanks to the excellent Rat & Mouse blog for pointing us in the direction of this story on Damon Dash being evicted from his "Chelsea mansion".

We're going to risk damaging our hip hop credentials and admit that we didn't even know the "music mogul" had a property in Chelsea, but apparently he has and it costs £19,000-per-month.

Problem is, the lease expired back in January and Dash was obviously too busy trying to make Posh Spice look good to move all his stuff out of the flat. The result? Dash was ordered to pay £52,000 in back rent, £5,000 in legal costs, and £630 per day until he gets his act together.

The landlord can officially repossess the place in about a week's time.

You have to love the somewhat 'who gives a toss' attitude of Dash's spokesperson though:

"He left behind some stuff, but nothing he cared about. The landlord should have gone in and thrown his stuff out."

Look for used Damon Dash toothbrushes etc to appear on eBay very soon.

Last Updated 23 March 2005