Cornelius The Disrupter Banned From Marathon

By Rob Last edited 158 months ago
Cornelius The Disrupter Banned From Marathon

As we have a personal interest in this year's London Marathon we were interested to read today that bonkers ex-priest, Cornelius Horan, has been banned from "any London borough along the route of next month's race".

Horan, you will remeber, is the Irish guy who pushed Brazil's Vanderlei De Lima off the road during the Olympic marathon last year. And he also ran on to the Hangar Straight during the British Grand Prix back in 2003 (not to mention other, more serious allegations).

To try and stop any such 'high jinks' during the London Marathon the Met has obtained an order that means if Horan enters any London borough along the route of next month's race he can be arrested. He is allowed to enter his own borough in South London, but even then he must stay away from the route.

How they're going to enforce this particular rule we're not sure, but we're pretty certain that if Mr Horan tries anything like he did in Athens during the London Marathon he may feel the wrath of a few spectators, and could even be set upon by some 'fun runners' in oversized, humorous costumes.

Last Updated 21 March 2005


Oh, what satisfaction: a dozen grown men dressed as Bungle screaming "scramble!" and tackling the interloper to the ground.

Best of luck, Jim. I ran my first half marathon last weekend in Bath and made the elementary mistake of missing the starting gun by spending too long in the loo. Yup, I'm a real pro. Had a blast, though. I understand that a full marathon is about 13 times harder than a half, so I blush with admiration.

I've only just discovered your blog (I'm about as efficient a member of the blog scene as I am a half-marathon-starter), but I'll now been checking in regularly.