A.I. T. Rex At NHM

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A.I. T. Rex At NHM

We're only writing about this because we wanted to see how many acronyms we could get into one headline.

Yes, the animatronic T.Rex has returned to the Natural History Musuem, and this time it's personal.

Well, not 'personal' exactly, but it's a little scarier and it moves a bit more. So that's good enough for us.

According to the NHM, "Unlike previous animatronic models, this one uses its 'senses' to spot prey - including unsuspecting visitor." Which could be taken to mean that you pay good money to go along and see the exhibition, only to get eaten. But they're exagerating slightly.

What happens is the T. Rex "reacts to people. First of all the eyes will swivel round, then the head follows. If someone walking past looks tasty enough, it will follow them backwards and forwards."

Unfortunatley we're told that the £20,000 model "cannot walk" which is a bit disappointing, and the monster's 'swinging tail' had to be reigned in slightly as the museum was afraid it would "knock people off the ramp,” which is a shame.

However, this weekend is T.Rex weekend at the museum so there's various films and interviews (with palaeontologists, not dinosaurs) being presented up until Sunday.

Last Updated 18 March 2005