Sod The Buses, Get A Boat

By Rob Last edited 165 months ago
Sod The Buses, Get A Boat

OK, we know the bus routes are dangerous, so what's a viable alternative?

Well, last time we checked, incidences of piracy on the Thames were at an all time low, so Londonist would suggest getting a boat.

The Standard is reporting today that "high-speed commuting" from Chelsea to Docklands might be on the cards thanks to a £1.5 million venture capital investment in the Thames Clippers company.

Thames Clippers already runs a daily service between Masthouse Terrace, Greenland (Surrey Quays), Canary Wharf, St Katharine Docks, London Bridge, Blackfriars and Savoy Piers, as well as the Tate-to-Tate (Damien Hirst-decorated) Riverbus; but now it looks like the service is set to expand pretty rapidly.

Of course, what Londonist would like to see is a 'taxi' style service of sleek, black speedboats, sort of like the one James Bond had in The World is Not Enough.

Imagine flagging one of them down in the early hours of Saturday morning! And it wouldn't matter if you were sick, you could just lean over the side. It's a winner we tell you.

Last Updated 03 February 2005