No More Puffing For Parliament

By Rob Last edited 168 months ago
No More Puffing For Parliament

Within the next few weeks Parliament is to become a strictly no smoking zone.

By Easter time MPs, staff and visitors will all be barred from lighting up in Westminster Palace and even a sneaky bifter in the the Strangers' Bar will be out of the question.

There's a great quote in today's Independent from Stephen Pound, Labour MP for Ealing North, where he syas, "I had to light a cigarette to steady my nerves when I heard. At least people will be able to see who is coming down the committee corridor through the fug of smoke. I suppose I am being bullied into being healthy. Within a couple of days it will be me and Charles Kennedy behind the bike sheds."

Steve Pound and Charlie Kennedy beghind the Ministerial bike sheds? Conjours up all sort of disturbing images doesn't it?

Last Updated 02 February 2005