Most Of London On Ken's Side

By Rob Last edited 167 months ago
Most Of London On Ken's Side

We kind of knew it already but now it's official: according to a variety of polls taken over the past day or two, the majority of Londoners are coming out in support of Ken Livingstone.

Here's the facts:

66 percent of the 10,000 Londoners who called BBC London's telephone poll, said his refusal to say sorry was correct. 34 percent believed he should apologise.

77 percent of almost 5,000 Guardian Online readers said 'yes' to the same question of whether or not Ken was right not to apologise.

The Times reported that, of the emails they received, two to one were in favour of the 'I'm not apologising, so there' strategy.

And of the 2,000 letters received by City Hall, 76 percent were apparently in favour of Ken's stance.

N.B. Ken cartoon taken from the excellent Mayorwatch website: all your Ken news in one place.

Last Updated 23 February 2005