London: Still Alone In Fighting Congestion

By sizemore Last edited 169 months ago
London: Still Alone In Fighting Congestion

So Edinburgh has decided to reject plans for its own congestion charge.

We at Londonist would like to offer sanctuary right here to the third of Edinburgh residents (Edinburghists? Edinburgers?) who voted for the congestion charge. We would also like to send those Londoners who complain about our own congestion charge to Scotland (or possibly further).

Just remember to keep your windows tightly closed when you get there so as not to breathe in any of the crap that you yourselves are spewing as you crawl miserably along the overloaded roads.

Any Scottish readers who don't fancy the move south should take heart in the fact that with a little luck our own congestion zone will eventually radiate outwards like a nuclear blast and free all pedestrians, cyclists and public tranpsort users from those poor souls infected with the Jeremy Clarkson sensibility.

Last Updated 22 February 2005