"I shall try hard not to upset anyone"

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"I shall try hard not to upset anyone"

When the outgoing Labour MP for Hackney South and Shoreditch, Brian Sedgemore began a speech on the Prevention of Terrorism Bill in Parliament on Wednesday with "As this will almost certainly be my last speech in Parliament, I shall try hard not to upset anyone", few would have expected the fireworks that followed...

"As we move towards a system of justice that found favour with the South African Government at the time of apartheid and which parallels Burmese justice today, if hon. Members will pardon the oxymoron, I am reminded that our fathers fought and died for liberty—my own father literally—believing that these things should not happen here, and we would never allow them to happen here. But now we know better. The unthinkable, the unimaginable, is happening here."

He continued:

"Have we all, individually and collectively, no shame? I suppose that once one has shown contempt for liberty by voting against it in the Lobby, it becomes easier to do it a second time and after that, a third time. Thus even Members of Parliament who claim to believe in human rights vote to destroy them.

"Many Members have gone nap on the matter. They voted: first, to abolish trial by jury in less serious cases; secondly, to abolish trial by jury in more serious cases; thirdly, to approve an unlawful war; fourthly, to create a gulag at Belmarsh; and fifthly, to lock up innocent people in their homes. It is truly terrifying to imagine what those Members of Parliament will vote for next. I can describe all that only as new Labour's descent into hell, which is not a place where I want to be."

Which goes to prove two things:

That there are MPs with principles and passion.
  • That these MPs are all old duffers with no influence or power.
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