Fly Titanic

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Fly Titanic

If you're thinking of traveling to Australia next summer you could be one of the first passengers on the new gargantuan Airbus A380. It seems that London is set to be one of the first cities to play host to the world's largest passenger aircraft when Singapore Airlines begins using the plane on flights between here and Sydney.

Virgin Atlantic is also planning to use the A380 but not before 2008. The wait may be worth it as Richard Branson reckons his super jumbos will easily outshine the competition:

"Virgin Atlantic's A380s are going to be bigger and better than any aircraft which has preceded them with bigger and better cabins for all our passengers. For both business and economy travellers we will be introducing a range of new features. Our innovations will ensure a better travel experience for everyone by utilising the space we have to play with to give our passengers more to play with too" (via The Times)

The A380 can carry up to 850 passengers but that number will more than likely be reduced when some airlines decide to fit their planes with casinos, gyms and double beds.

Londonist usually travels on the cheap so we're going to wait until one of the budget airlines fits out an A380 with factory farm style chicken cages. Probably squeeze a thousand or so Londoners into one of those things if we all breathed in.

Note: the accompanying picture is the Polish movie poster for Airplane. Check out the Polish Poster Gallery for more wonderful and weird art work.

Last Updated 24 February 2005