Here We Go Again

By sizemore Last edited 169 months ago
Here We Go Again

It was only a few days ago that London's top copper was warning about the heightened threat to the capital by terrorist groups so we figured that as long as we played our part (looking for abandoned bags and dodgy looking characters hanging about garages or flats) then the police would likewise up their own vigilance levels.

So riddle us this. How did three men dressed in bright superhero costumes manage to drive up to Downing Street in a flatbed truck and scramble up a ladder before settling in for a nice long protest on a Foreign Office balcony?

That's right, the Fathers 4 Justice are back in the news this afternoon and whether you agree with their cause or not you have to admit that their latest stunt does seem to point out that our own boys in blue really need to try and keep their eyes open.

Last Updated 28 February 2005