Yahoo Picks Of The Year

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Yahoo Picks Of The Year

Londonist was interested to see the results of Yahoo's 2004 Finds of the Year: "the annual awards that celebrate the best websites of the year".

Yahoo make their selections from their 'daily picks' which are then narrowed down by a panel of judges including Gary Broughton of and Jonathan Goddard of

Despite the, erm, 'standard' of the judges, some well-deserving sites have taken first place in the various categories. And one of the most well-deserved has to be, which won the 'Hidden Gems category'.

As you might imagine documents the architectural underbelly of the capital, and although it's not exactly the prettiest site on the internet, Paul Talling more than makes up for any aesthetic shortcomings with over 800 photographs of some of the most decrepit and spooky buildings in the city.

Londonist was also happy to see Weebls come first in the Entertainment category.

Those badgers are funny afterall.

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