Wadley Livingstone Slagging Match

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Wadley Livingstone Slagging Match

Veronica Wadley, editor of the Evening Standard, has "lashed out" out at Mayor Ken through her diary column in the Spectator (you'll need to be a subscriber to read it though).


This is what we like: a little bit of verbal sparring between two people not exactly renowned for their diplomacy or tact. This can only end in tears.

According to the Guardian, Wadley's Spectator Column concentrates its wrath on the Londoner newspaper, which is taxpayer-funded and printed by the Standard's arch-nemesis, Richard Desmond:

"Londoners are regaled this month with no fewer than 40 mentions of the mayor but, modestly, only two photographs, down from the normal six...Perhaps he should seek Mr Desmond's advice on flesh tones."

Oooh you bitch! And it gets better:

"Could it possibly be that Ken Livingstone, former London Evening Standard magazine restaurant critic, is still riled by my refusing, three years ago and a few hours after my appointment as editor of the Standard, to go and have lunch with him?"

Of course, this has all been sparked by Ken's decision to end Associated newspaper's contract with London Underground ahead of Desmond's free rival paper.

Londonist looks forward to Ken retaliating by "offering out" Ms Wadley one lunchtime. We expect Ms Wadley to counter by threatening to "scratch his eyes out" and "give him a chinese burn".

Last Updated 20 January 2005