Trafalgar Christmas Tree Shredded

By Rob Last edited 168 months ago
Trafalgar Christmas Tree Shredded

It seems a bit harsh, but yesterday the huge Christmas tree which has stood proudly in Trafalgar Square for the past couple of weeks was shredded and made into compost.

As part of the effort to make this tree the 'greenest' in London's history (energy efficient lights and a hydrogen fuel cell generator) the tree was fed into a chipper by Deputy Mayor Nicky Gavron and Blue Peter presenter Simon Thomas. A section of the chippings were then carted away to the famous Blue Peter garden to be used in compost.

Now Londonist is all up for recycling etc (although to be honest if you live in Barnet you don't really have much choice), and maybe we're being a bit sentimental, but we can't just get that wood chipper scene from the Cohen Borther's film Fargo out of heads.

Last Updated 07 January 2005