The African Job

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The African Job

Every now and again we all have a mad idea or two while drinking down

the pub. Paid advertising on shaved dogs for example. But most of those alcohol inspired dreams fade by the time the hangover kicks in. Not so for Andy Johnston, Barry Rose and Jonny Shawyer who had a plan to quit their jobs and travel across Africa last year.


Londonist is happy to reveal that they have just finished the final leg of their journey which took them through twenty two countries, including Jordan, Syria, Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia and Malawi.

The reason for our interest is that the trio undertook their trek in a 1961 Routemaster London bus.

The South African Star reports that the three adventurers and their nine ton steed recently drove into Cape Town after six months of travelling. The bus was converted for the journey with a sleeping and bathing area on the top deck and living quarters below. It fails to mention if any Cliff Richard CDs were on board.

Apart from a single flat tire the red behemoth drove on regardless of the heat and the terrain, something I doubt could be said of one of those new fangled bendy things.

The bus itself will remain in Africa, donated by the lads to an organisation that supports children affected by HIV/Aids, the final part of the charity work that they did along the route.

You can read about the guys and their journey in detail over on African Job 2004.

Londonist wishes them a safe trip home and would like to buy them

a beer or two upon their return.

Last Updated 24 January 2005