Stoke Newington To Times Square

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Stoke Newington To Times Square

This is Irene. She's 96, from Stoke Newington...and the new face of Dove.

Her face is currently adorning a 69ft tall billboard in Times Square and the campaign hits the UK this week, amidst a little controversy over Dove's "exploitation" of the elderly.

"This is absolutely cynical. It’s just like using children in advertising," says psychologist Dr Mairead Tagg...which seems a little harsh on Irene if you ask us. She's old, not retarded.

What is creepy though is the fact that casting agents for the ad' "visited care homes looking for an elderly woman" who'd make a good role model.

What next? Corpses in advertising? Mortuary chic?

Last Updated 04 January 2005