See City Hall

By Rob Last edited 232 months ago

Last Updated 31 January 2005

See City Hall

This weekend the average Joe Londoner has a unique opportunity to take a glimpse at the behind-the-scenes world of the people who govern their city.

Ok, so maybe we're making this sound a little more exciting than it is actually is, but the opportunity to visit City Hall shouldn't be sniffed at.

If nothing else the headquarters of the Greater London Authority is a fantastic building with its ecologically sound structure and 7,300 sq m of triple glazed clear glass.

During this weekend visitors to City Hall will be able to walk round areas not usually open to the public including the rather ominous sounding "the Chamber" (a big meeting room really); the much less ominous sounding "London's Living Room", which is what they call the open space at the top of the building complete with walkway around the perimeter; and the spiral stairs, which are...well, they're the stairs.

City Hall will be open from 10 until 5 on Saturday and Sunday. Anyone planning a visit is advised to call the Public Liaison Unit (020 7983 4100).