Oystercard Woes

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Oystercard Woes

Following on from the tram debacles of last week Transport for London has come in for more stick today, this time about the troublesome Oyster Cards.

Transport for London have admitted today that tube users with Oyster Cards have been overcharged and that passengers who renewed their Oyster cards online on 1 January but were unable to validate them until the fourth had their transactions cancelled and were forced to pay higher 2005 prices.


Now the LibDems have jumped on the bandwagon and are demanding a public enquiry into the system. A quick look at the website for TranSys (the company behind the Oyster Card system) shows that their press office is right on top of the problem:

"28/07/2004: Oyster card wins public nominated award"

Londonist's favourite Oystercard site is undoubtedly The Oyestercard.co.uk which details the various ways you can disguise your Oyestercard. For example: in a slice of brown bread.

Last Updated 11 January 2005


*Tinfoil Hat Alert*

And don't forget you are also helping Transport for London build up a fantastically detailed picture of everyone's movements every time you swipe your card with it's unique ID through a scanner. Would have cost them millions to buy that kind of information so at least they won't have to put the fares up for a.... oh.


my personal favorite @ theoystercard.co.uk is the "magic" approach where you attach the card to your wrist with rubber bands beneath bulkly clothing.

it reminds me of the "professional" magicicans my mother and father hired for birthday parties in the 80's.