North London Jersey Shortage

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North London Jersey Shortage
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How many football tops do you think a premiership football club will have got through by this point in the season?

Go on, have a guess. Fifty? One hundred? More? Well, if you're Arsenal, you've probably managed to get through over 200. How? Because, in the time honoured fashion, you keep swapping them with your opposition.

Well football tops don't grow on trees you know and Arsène et al have had to put a stop to all this wasteful behaviour. Which, if you believe the tabliods means an indefinite ban on swapping shirts after Champions League and FA Cup games.

Gunners 'kit man' Vik Akers (who must be thrilled to finally get his moment in the spotlight) is quoted as saying: "It gives us a huge headache. Every year we have a specific allocation of shirts and we are already three quarters of the way through it and only just past the half-way point of the season."

"But hang on," we hear you cry, "why can't they just buy some more. After all haven't they just bought a whacking new stadium, surely a few jerseys won't break the bank."

And you'd be right. And to make matters worse it turn out that all the tops they've 'given away' came free from Nike and Arsenal are only clamping down now because if they wanted a new batch they'd actually have to shell out for them.

Makes us wonder how those lowly 'Fizzy Pop Football League' teams cope.

Last Updated 19 January 2005