One Of Our Partula Snails Is Missing!

By Rob Last edited 168 months ago
One Of Our Partula Snails Is Missing!

Question: How many South African jackass penguins does London Zoo have?

Answer: 36.

How do we know? Because today's Guardian has story on their annual stocktake.

The process involves 30 keepers, curators and registrars making a note of every single creature in the zoo. The final count is then sent to a centralised database, held in the US.

"Counting the animals might sound easy when you are talking about giraffes or bison or rhinos," admits David Field, the Zoo's head of animal care. "But when you get down to partula snails, it gets a bit more difficult."

Yeah Dave, we imagine those pesky partula snails can be pretty tricky to count given the speed they move at.

The best quote, however, is left up to London Zoo's spokeswoman:

"We do check on a daily basis, and obviously with animals like the tigers we'd know if one was missing."

Oh good. We'll sleep much better tonight knowing that.

Last Updated 06 January 2005