London: Retirement Home To The Stars

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London: Retirement Home To The Stars

So yesterday we reported on the fact that Liam (or was it Noel?) Gallagher was sick of London (too overcrowded, too many queues) and was going to "up sticks and move out".

And now today we have yet another story of a 'major Hollywood star' who's decided that London is actually the place for him.

Cross-dressing, diminutive, idiot-savant Dustin Hoffman has "become disillusioned with America under President George W Bush," reports The Times today, and "says he feels more at ease in Britain".

Apparently the 67-year-old Oscar winner and self-confessed exhibitionist will be moving into the house in Kensington that he's owned for the past ten years.

Of course, Dustin is over here right now promoting Meet The Fockers. You can read the full Times interview here.

UPDATE: Apparently Hoffman is now refuting the fact that he's going to move to London.

Last Updated 11 January 2005