Get Your Knit On

By Rob Last edited 232 months ago

Last Updated 31 January 2005

Get Your Knit On

The Guardian this morning tells us something we didn't know about the Circle line:

"There is a group of activists that stages knit-ins on the London Underground, occupying a carriage and knitting around the Circle line."

This fantastic little nugget of knitting trivia comes from an article on 'guerilla knitters' and an exhibition at the Crafts Council Gallery next month.

The exhibition, entitled Knit 2 Together: Concepts in Knitting, celebrates the fact that the art of knitting is back in vogue (did it ever go out of vogue?) and exhibits will include "knitted sex adverts and subversive toys to giant cobwebs and knitted interiors".

But the bit that really interest us here at Londonist is the knitting activist group: Cast Off. We love them because they were once ejected from the Savoy for knitting and because they make things like (and this is for all our readers who are just tucking into their breakfasts) "a knitted willy with realistic head and veins" (well, we suppose it beats mittens).

The Knit 2 Together exhibition runs from 24 February to 8 May. And you can find out about future Cast off meetings here.