Death On The Thames

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Death On The Thames

We have to say thanks to LinkMachineGo for pointing us in the direction of this Guardian article on "dead bodies found in the Thames".

The article contains at least one shiver-inducing statistic:

"Along the 213-mile long Thames, a body is retrieved from the river on average every week."

Apparently the life expectancy for anyone falling in the river around Big Ben and the London Eye is just two minutes, but the "blackest part of the Thames" is, according to the Guardian, "on its north bank at Wapping, within view of Tower Bridge.": the headquarters of the Marine Support Unit (MSU), the river police.

Apart from being the place where they now "keep the bodies" Wapping is also, of course, where they used to string up the murderers and pirates.

The article also notes the seasonal changes in river deaths:

"In the winter, we tend to get more suicides - people suffering from depression and loneliness around Christmas. In the summer, it tends to be people wading into the river drunk."

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Last Updated 14 January 2005