Bloggies 2005 - Thanks Very Much

By Rob Last edited 168 months ago
Bloggies 2005 - Thanks Very Much

Londonist would like to say a very hearty (almost Brian Blessed-eque) "Thank You" to all our readers who nominated us for a 2005 Bloggie award.

Thanks to you, Londonist has been short-listed for Best British or Irish blog. We would tell you who our competition is but as we write this the Bloggies site is down due to exceeded bandwidth. Hopefully the page will be back up later and we can update this post then.

UPDATED: We are up against some stiff competition, including 'Lifetime Achievement' nominee Tom Coates and fellow Londoners, London Underground Tube Blog (also up for best topical site).

Of course, while we're at it, we should also urge to vote for our sister site, Gothamist who are up for the Weblog of the year award.

You have until January 31st to cast your vote.

Last Updated 24 January 2005