Belle De Jour Update

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Belle De Jour Update

In case you missed it in yesterday's Guardian: here's an interview (conducted over instant messaging) with London's most famous 'chippy': Belle de Jour.

It's to promote her book of course (Intimate Adventures of a London Call Girl, £12.99 on Amazon folks), but there a few insights buried away in there.

For example:

"You do know you'll have to cut-and-paste this conversation into something else in order to save it?"


"No one says that if you work hard, do well in exams and get a good degree there isn't necessarily anything waiting at the end of it."


"It seemed like other bloggers were happy to have anyone in their club, so long as your hit stats don't outnumber theirs. But once they do, me-ow."

If the books as fascinating as her interviews then we're sure it will just fly off the

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