When Christians Attack

By Rob Last edited 170 months ago
When Christians Attack

You could say that the Evangelical Christian church took a bit of a knock yesterday as one of their preachers was ordered by a High Court Judge to "stop harassing Mormons".

Now, we all know what fun it can be to tease Mormons (and they do make it pretty easy sometimes), but even we had to admit that Andrew Price of Chiswick took things a little too far:

- he made thousands of calls to Mormon missionaries' mobile phones;

- he deluged them with religious text messages;

- he spent nearly three hours knocking on a Mormon elder's front door;

- he followed them on the Underground, talked at them "in a loud voice", and referred to their "shabby, squalid, vile, disgusting Jesus".

- and on several occasions he asked Mormons about their underwear.

It's all well and good calling someone's Jesus "shabby" (they did only have rudimentary bathing facilities in those days), but when you start on the underwear...well it's time to fight back.

And fight back they did: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has now been granted a restraining order on Mr Price. He's also been banned from ringing missionaries on their mobile phones "unless invited to do so"; and he is barred from standing on the same side of the road as the church's central London headquarters in south Kensington.

So if you're in the south Kensington in the near future and you see someone opposite the Mormon church with a loud haler talking about Jesus' pants, you'll know who it is.

Last Updated 01 December 2004