Tower Of London Memorial

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Tower Of London Memorial

OK, so The Tower of London might not make it as one of the new Seven Wonders of the World but it's still a pretty impressive building, and it's nice to see that Historic Royal Palaces (who run the Tower along with Hampton Court, Kensington Palace etc) are still coming up with some new ideas for the old place.

The latest project is a memorial for the Tower's 'site of exectuion'.

The 'site of execution' is "a small chained-off square in the cobbles of Tower Green" and also "potentially one of the most powerful and resonant places within the Tower of London".

All that's there right now is a plaque in the ground, but seeing as quite a few "of the most prominent figures of 16th-century English history" met their end there, HRP have commisioned five contemporary artists to design a new memorial.

The five proposals (detailed on the website) are all quite impressive and very different, but Londonist's favourite has to be Annie Catrell's "semicircular laminated glass wall etched with some of the last words of the condemned".


The winner will be revealed on 12 January 2005, up until then you can email the committee with your views on the proposed memorials.

Last Updated 14 December 2004