The Curse Of The Producers?

By Rob Last edited 235 months ago

Last Updated 29 December 2004

The Curse Of The Producers?

What exactly are they making them do in The Producers? Bungee jump? Base jumping? White water rafting?

First it was Richard Dreyfuss, a man who, in the past, has tackled Great White Sharks and been paralysed from the neck down. But even he was forced to pull out of the West End musical due to injury.

So they brought in someone who could hande the pressure. Someone known for his role in fast-paced action roles such as The Birdcage and Stuart Little 2. Someone at the very peak of their physical fitness: Nathan Lane.

Who's just gone and slipped, not one, but two discs in his back.

Lane will be succeeded with that well-known Hollywood star "replacement actor", who will presumably stay there until 8 Jan when the play closes (unless they bring in Vin Diesel or someone like that would be comedy gold.)