Swingers On Regent's Park

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Swingers On Regent's Park

Did you know that softball is an Olympic Sport?

Londonist had no idea. We must have missed the coverage of the nail biting US v Australia final in Athens earlier this year (America won 5-1 apparently).

And if it's an Olympic sport you can bet there's something connected to it going on in London. Something, usually, which involves a large amount of money and Sebastian Coe.

Sure enough, the Standard has a piece today on the new £3.5 million softball pavilion in Regent's Park (and, before Pedant's Corner get going in the comments section, we know it's called 'The Regent's Park', but no one really calls it that do they?).

The pavilion boasts "20 changing rooms" apparently (which seems like a lot of changing rooms to us, is one male and one female not good enough any more?) and "19 full-size softball pitches".

There are 300 softball teams in London, and most of them are based at Regent's Park, so maybe 19 pitches isn't really overdoing it. But, as with all good Olympic venue stories there's a catch: "the pavilion is due for completion next Spring...but £1.2 million is still needed to complete the pavilion and The Royal Parks Foundation is looking for corporate or individuals donors."

Any multi-millionaires with a passion for softball out there can contact the Royal Parks Foundation through their website.

Londonist's favourite London Softball Team names include

Leytonstoned Again

The Bobby Dazzlers

And our absolute favourite: The MI5 Secret Agents.

Last Updated 02 December 2004