Some Good News For Xmas

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Some Good News For Xmas

With all the predictability and regularity that they've never quite managed to achieve with their trains, London Underground staff have "averted" their New Year's Eve strike by reaching a last-minute pay deal with London Transport managers.

RMT general secretary Bob Vrow lived up to his name, saying "this is a fantastic deal which puts our members at the top of the industrial pay league in Britain."

In slighly less happy news, the Piccadilly line was up the spout today after another union walked out over a driver who "failed to stop at four red signals."

Last Updated 24 December 2004


Having spent 3 years riding the tube in london, i am thankful for the surprising efficiency of the new york city subway system. the unions still hold the public up for ransom but at least they get you to work on time...