Sex And The City

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Sex And The City

(Well, we had to use that headline eventually)


It seems Londonist just can't avoid sex today.

The BBC has been telling us what a hotbed of raunchy activity Hyde Park was in the Sixties ("In 1962, 61 cases of prostitution, 181 of indecent behaviour and 27 of 'male importuning' were reported in the central London park" apparently); and now someone has just pointed us in the direction of Time Out's "sex survey"

The Survey, designed to "reveal what goes on over the garden fence and how the suburbs hold more sexual secrets than Boris Johnson's cycle clips", consists of 16 questions, including:

- Do you think it's easier to have secret affairs in London because it's such a vast, anonymous city?

- What is the most famous London landmark you've had sex in/on?

- Have you ever dressed up as a pony for sexual kicks?

- Have you ever called a number from a card in a phone box?

Londonist is going to go out on a limb here and reveal its answers:

- Yes, unless you're the Home Secretary, in which case it's best not to bother.

- Does Madame Tussauds count as a landmark, and does a waxwork count as a....oh never mind.

- We did pantomime once but it was more 'stuffy' than 'thrilling'.

- Yes, Roy's Taxis on the South Lambeth Road. They were very prompt.

Last Updated 01 December 2004