Security Not As Secure As It Could Be

By Rob Last edited 167 months ago
Security Not As Secure As It Could Be

All of us have lost something important after a big night out. Whether it's your wallet, your coat, or just your soul, leaving something behind in a pub or a taxi is just the price you pay.

But spare a thought for the security official who got home the other night only to realise "Bollocks, I've left the security details for the president of Pakistan's highly controversial visit to London somewhere in the middle of Mayfair"

Reading the various reports in the press today it seems the careless security official 'dropped' the file in the street, outside Marco Pierre White's Mirabelle restaurant on Curzon Street.

Call us cynical, but when important security documents are left in or near restaurants and bars like that its tempting to suspect that one of Her Majesty's secret agents may have been on the sauce.


Londonist likes to think that once whoever was trusted with the life of Pervez Musharraf this week had finished his meal in Mirabelle that he went on to Funky Buddha just down the road to dance the night way, before getting a kebab and a cab home.

Thankfully for him, an upstanding and conscientious member of the community discovered the file, realised its sensitivity and importance...and handed it straight in to the Daily Mirror.

Last Updated 07 December 2004