Secret Santa Suggestions

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Secret Santa Suggestions

If you work in an office then chances are you'll be having your work 'do' this week and that will probably involve the annual 'secret santa' tradition, whereby you you're obliged to buy something 'cheap and cheerful' for one of your co-workers.

Like you don't have enough to think about at this time of year? Now you have to shop for people you don't really know, and might not even like very much.

To ease the stress Londonist decided to highlight a few cut-price gift gifts we've come across recently.

Tele egg


Mobile phone accessories are generally very, very naff, but Londonist has a soft spot in its heart for the Tele Egg. When your mobile phone rings this little blue egg wiggles his legs. There's no real practical use for it, but we like it. And it has a clock on it too (batteries not included).

Tele Egg available from the Science Museum online shop for £9.99

Automatic Card Shuffler


Any degenerate gamblers in the office? Do you suspect someone from accounts is embezzling thousands of quid to finance his blackjack habit? Then why not get him the perfect Secret Santa present: this automatic card shuffler for under £15.

Automatic card shuffler for £12.99 through the Guardian online shop.

David and Goliath "Boys are smelly" Lip Jelly


Yes it's just lip balm but it's got a daft name and the packaging is cool. This 'lip jelly' is bubble gum flavoured and yours for under a fiver.

David and Goliath Lip Jelly, £5 from



If you have to buy something for the I.T. department then you won't go far wrong with Brainstring. It's a transparent cube with twelve strings inside which are, apparently "the main ingredients for enjoyable and exciting mental gymnastics".

It's one of those incredibly frustrating puzzles that will either keep the recipient busy until next Christmas, or will be in the bin by Boxing Day. But what do you care, you only spent a tenner on it.

Brainstring available for £9.99 at

Butt Head Game


Do you work in one of those 'wacky' offices where everyone's always having a really great time and no one ever wants to go home? No, Us neither. But now you can pretend you do by buying one of these for your workmates.

It involves a velcro skull cap and throwing balls at people's heads, what could be better for a work environment?

Butt Head game for £9.99 from

Death Clock CD Rom


Someone at work you don't get on with? Why not use the festive period to let them know when they're going to die?

This CD Rom asks a lot of lifestyle questions such as how much you smoke, drink, and how much you weigh and then calculates as accurately as possible how long you've got left.

Death Clock CD Rom for £7.99, from

Last Updated 14 December 2004