Posh Spice Repeatedly Punched In Face

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Posh Spice Repeatedly Punched In Face

Could this be the funniest bit of CCTV footage we'll never get to see?

Yesterday afternoon a "a man in his 20s" violently attacked Madame Tussaud's 'controversial' nativity scene before running off down the road.

According to press reports, the enraged young man "charged at the figures, kicking and punching them in a frenzied attack". David and Victoria Beckham (aka Mary and Joseph) were repeatedly punched in the face by the man before he legged it, managing to avoid security on his way out.

Madame Tussaud's has been forced to remove the figures from display and close the exhibition.

The question which arises here is: if the man was a religious zealot angered by the blasphemous display, how difficult was it for him to repeatedly punch the Virgin Mary in the face...even if it was just Posh Spice in a robe?

Last Updated 13 December 2004