Police Turn To Crime

By Rob Last edited 235 months ago

Last Updated 22 December 2004

Police Turn To Crime

We knew that the London emergency services were somewhat underpaid, but even we were surprised by the report today that officers on Oxford Street have "taken to snatching bags, phones and wallets left lying around".

And then of course we realised that this wasn't some outlaw initiative designed to boost Christmas bonuses, but is instead the Met's very 'singular' way of raising the issue of pickpockets and bagsnatchers around central London.

It's hard not to admire the slightly showbiz flair that Superintendent Jon Morgan gives to his performance though: "I go up to people and say, 'Have you had a nice meal? How are you going to pay?' And they realise their wallet's gone."

Derren Brown eat your heart out.

Londonist would have loved to have been there though, when Jon got what he claims was his one "bad reaction":

"I took a phone off a table that someone was actually using. I didn't notice the earpiece."